Thursday, February 12, 2009

This here is the next movement for the poster
sketch mentioned earlier.Today was a pretty
productive day,especially considering
that I got only 3 hours of sleep last night
due to type and horsing around.

I'm not totally psyched on the colors, and
the pink is especially questionable. I think
I'm going to leave the area around the candle
lighter than it is and make it pop more via
thicker outlines and such.

I must say it looks slightly better on screen
which is comforting, considering it needs to
be digitized to print.

Well...that's it for this and that, to tea and
to sleep.

p.s. "Fractured Beacons" is the title of my
fictional reading...but it won't look like that
i just wanted to see how type would be.

1 comment:

Albatross said...

I love this, because I like classical (looking) design. I like classical design because you said I was good at it.