Thursday, February 12, 2009

Airplanes and Type as Breasts

Well look at this little change! I have never been on this airline,
but i am a fan of french things like Audrey Tautou, Godard,
and snootiness. It seems that i have another thing to like about
this intriguing people...solid logo design with some kickass type
to boot!

Not to mention this one too...

Although i like the AirFrance logo more than this one, it's cool to
see a country explore new graphic situations. The type on the
above logo is a little iffy, but i am extremely picky about hand-drawn
type. Also, for those of you that like some boobs in your logos...check
out the early iteration of the "Rendez vous en France" mark.

Nice one.

All thanks for the images goes to this lovely place.

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