Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This one is much closer to getting that
"ahh...thats nice" feeling. I still need to
rework the type...I used Helvetica
Regular instead of light, and it looks
better, but I think I might need Semi-
Bold, as the Bold is a bith much. Tweaks
are ahead indeed.

Word: The Dirty Projectors-"Stillness is the
Move", Phoenix "Lisztomania" and Emily
Haines-"Knives Dont Have Your Back". Nice.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cult of Helvetica

Above is the tentative cover of my process book.
It is made entirely out of Helvetica letters in
honor of the typefaces recent 50th birthday.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Owlsquids in the Throne Room

So above is a little image for our newspaper project
in comm. studio. I reviewed the album "Black Cascade"
by Wolves in the Throne Room and then juxtaposed
the Kulty character i created into the artwork.
The photoshopping will need some refinement...
but the idea is working smoother than I thought.
Keep your eyes open for more images soon!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Birds as Greetings.

Alas! Here are the cards...three of them that is. Some of the five
set have words on the inside, for example: the purple "You" bird
card has "were on my mind" on the inside....get it? Thanks for
lookingand have a nice day...oh and don't forget you can zoom
in by clicking the images.

Good night.

Of late: Wolves in the Throne Room-Black Cascade, Silversun Pickups-
Swoon (even though its a little weak), Whiskeytown-record store exclusive
7 inch (!), and Shakey's onion and green pepper pizza.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Eagle Hat has landed!

Above is the logo I made with some technical lighting
assistance from the extremely talented illustrator,
Luke Berliner, famous for unicorn and blue scorpion
focused work. The typefaces are Galaxie Copernicus
on top and Galxie Polaris on the bottom. I'm putting
this on the back of my greeting card series we had
to make for Drawing and Painting and am super happy
about the outcome.

Yes!: Mastodon-"Crack the Skye", Kind temperatures,
Getting back into the school mode, Pains of being pure
at heart-S/T

Birds say Hi.

Above is 1 of 5 images for my set of greeting
cards for my "Eagle Hat" greeting card
company that I made up this second. Each
card pertains to a certain topic; the above is
a "sorry" card, others include general celebration,
think of you, get well, and one more undecided.
I tried a lot of different techniques and am
pleased with the outcomes. Watercolour can
be pretty smooth.

In it: Iron and Wine-"The Shepard's Dog",
Dr. Pepper Cherry, A Woman is a Woman,
and late nights.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tweet Your Breakfast!

We were asked to illustrate a cereal box for our
drawing and painting class. So I continued to
implement the little bird characters I have been
using all semester and the outcome at least painting
wise was quite nice. I'm not so convinced about
the type, but what can you do. You live and
you learn.

Rooting around in: ISIS-Wavering Radiant, Papercuts-
"You can have what you want", Graphic Design, Attending
lectures on Lester Beall.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Black Babies

So the past few weeks have been one of vagueness
beyond belief. The project is vague and so are the
instructions...so all one can do is go for it. The above
image is a sketch to be developed as a masthead for
a black metal/punk newspaper for children entitled
"The Pied Piper". Irresponsible...yes. Fun....even more
of a resounding yes.

Absorption: Isis-Wavering Radiant, Pains of Being Pure
at Heart-S/T, Mastodon-Crack the Skye, Galaxie
Copernicus typeface, Normalization, Support
and Understanding.