Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catch for Me the Foxes

This poster above is my favorite of the "film series"
that we worked on in the earlier portion of the
semester. For the film, "The Royal Tenenbaums"
I immediately connected with this idea of the
characters being these sly and secretive characters,
creeping around causing mischief for themselves
and others. Naturally the fox is immediately tied
(albeit quite unfairly) to this type of behavior.
I then decided to place them in a rather ornate and
flamboyant upper class room that might exist in
the world of Wes Anderson's film. The fact that
the found image of the room contains the eiffle
tower was a nice touch, especially if you see
the rather distant fox to be Margot.

As for the typography and layout, I wanted to express
a feeling of "functional dysfunction", which was
basically the theme that drove my film festival. I chose
the akward placement of the image in the corner to
create a slight tension, and then placed the type along
a grid, but in a somewhat disjointed manner,
placeing the description text over the image which
should never really be done without a reason...especially
with body copy.

The final conceptual aspect was that of the color choice.
I chose the red to tie into the color I immediately thought
of when I pictured the film itself. I then chose the type
colors to completely combat the background color, making
it nearly painful to look at. I got this idea from one of my
absolute favorite firms, Experimental Jetset's poster
series for De Theatercompagnie. The results of which, are
humourously blinding even on screen.

Ill post the remainder of the project soon.

Music Carousel: The Avett Brothers-"I and Love and You",
Katatonia-"Night is the New Day", breathing, Studio Culture
by Adrian Shaughnessy, White Peach Cranberry juice, and
Gossip Girl (Seriously.)