Sunday, March 21, 2010

The National-"Sorrow" @ the bell house

Im probably really excited for this record. This is my favorite of the news songs I've heard so far. The drumming is utterly spectacular and the interplay between the vocals and the overall rhythm is fantastic.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The National-Terrible Love

A simply immaculate and timely addition to The National's collections of songs. New Album, "High Violet" out May 11.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To and From the Wise #1

Willi Kunz

Mini-Info Poster for a Type Presentation on Willi Kunz.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fantastic First runs?

Above is the first run at a character set for a critique on monday. There are a few characters that are embarrassingly unfinished, but there is still a lot of time, so no need to be a perfectionist just yet. The "r" to "s" relationship is quite sloppy at this point and the "e" is just eating up a lot of space. The "g" is a little wide and silly. The "t", looking at it now needs to be revisited yet again.

I am really loving how the "a" is moving along...and I think the "w" is nearly balanced which is sometimes a tough thing to work out. Overall there is a nice flow's just a matter of working out proportions and details which will obviously keep me busy for a while.

Nothing assuages the wounds of a rough week like fiddling with letterforms. Also, feel free to contribute ideas for it names, adjustments, things you would like to see, etc.



Some things: Godspeed You Black Emperor!, midlake, junior boys, Feist, The National, wine and cold hands.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In honor of new directions...

This is simply a little image making to try see how my typeface works in a application. I originally started this whole project with the hope of designing something that could exist in a world akin to Wes Anderson's. As most people know the typeface he is quite fond of is I began looking at what I liked and didn't like about that venerable german font (Paul Renner 1927).

This then lead me forward through a mess of sketches and ganders at typefaces like akzidenz grotesk, helvetica, gill sans, akkurat and other san serifs. Below is a comparison of said faces to mine (at bottom; click to get a closer look):

Obviously there is some proportion issues and the "e" is still causing issues. Im liking the openess of the "c" probably worth expanding on that in oother characters. The "v,y,x,s" and various punctiuation are taking form so that will be up here soonish.

So this is where I am at now adding yet more color (now literally) to an increasingly exciting project.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Final "The Cardinal Nothing" Poster

So this poster is the product of a 2-week exploration period. We were asked to choose our material for content. I chose the idea of Nothing as a valuable aspect of our life. The 4 responses take a different stance on the idea, ranging from George's Bataille call against strictly searching for satisfaction...and worrying about end results, Joan Didion's poignant closing lines of "Play it as it lays", and The National basically stating that regardless of what the "end result" is...just make it up as you go. The 4th response is the poster itself (Very Art School you guys).

The title of the poster is then placed next to Genesis 13:9 which basically states that "we are from dust, and we return to dust". Regardless of spiritual views people hold, I think this an important statement that supports the responses.

The title "The Cardinal Nothing" borrows from the language of the religious text (Cardinals are high ranking papal officials usually wearing red) and from language itself as the word means "of prime importance". I chose this title because regardless of what comes after it eternal life or simply should live this life without expectation of something afterward. If this life on earth is simply "nothing", well I'm going to live it how I see fit regardless, burrowing moral values from across the board, and not committing to one man-made view of this massive universe. I'm not interested in"figuring it out" as much as I am the very human journey that we all go through.

This poster was for an "expressive" typographic assignment...which due to my personal aversion to understood "expressive typography" I really wanted to push my formal qualities to express the content as fully as possible apart from cheap typographic "illustration".

It is 18x24 on Acetate...once again emphasizing the idea of nothing.

Cool guys. thanks.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Anna Karina and Kenose (?)

So here is "Kenose" as it were on March 1, 2010. The rest of the lower case set will be developing this week in preparation for a big critique next monday. The "t" is literally a joke right now...but will be refined soon. The "a" is developing into the core character of the it has the most personality.

As mentioned before "Kenose" has taken a friendlier vibe in recent weeks. So much so, that I think I will be abandoning the heavy handed religious polemics that I set out with. Instead I will be looking to treat this face as a companion to my current interests in film. I think the work of both Jean-Luc Godard and Wes Anderson are good places to place a typeface that combines the aspects of disparate type design styles. The "i" and "j" already borrow from the high dot placement (aligned to the Cap Height) inherent in Godard's title screens and the overall "feel" of the face feels like it could fit into the usually All Caps Futura Bold world of Wes Anderson.

Early name ideas include:
Mordecai, Margot, Karina, Tenenbaum, Baumer....etc

So onward and upward!

MusicMusicMusic: The National-"90-mile Water Wall", Midlake-"The Courage of Others", Local Natives in general, Thee Silver Mt. Zion-"Kollaps Tradixionales"

Kenose gets friendly.

So as I move along on my little typeface here, I am noticing that apart from the dark and theological beginning (jokes). That this face is looking a lot happier and friendly than originally intended. This is ok with me. Lord knows there aren't enough cuddly san's serifs out there. At least ones that are just telling the worst jokes out there (comic sans...).

So in short, this guy is still moving toward a synthesis of gill sans (minus being goofy) and futura (minus being agressively geometric). It's coming along, but obviously still needs a lot of work, regarding proportions and character relation. Feel free to give any tips friends.


Something about Nothing

Above is a second iteration for a poster I am making about the idea of nothing.
It contains 4 responses. One being from Georges Bataille, Joan Didion, and the band The National. The 4th response is the poster itself. I'm still tweaking it and will be getting it printed tommorow.

Enjoyed: Midlake-"The Courage of Others", Local Natives-"Gorilla Manor", Working on my typeface and drinking a lot of water.