Monday, March 1, 2010

Kenose gets friendly.

So as I move along on my little typeface here, I am noticing that apart from the dark and theological beginning (jokes). That this face is looking a lot happier and friendly than originally intended. This is ok with me. Lord knows there aren't enough cuddly san's serifs out there. At least ones that are just telling the worst jokes out there (comic sans...).

So in short, this guy is still moving toward a synthesis of gill sans (minus being goofy) and futura (minus being agressively geometric). It's coming along, but obviously still needs a lot of work, regarding proportions and character relation. Feel free to give any tips friends.


1 comment:

c.w. moss said...

bosserman, these are looking really solid. i've got a couple thoughts - which we shall discuss in person next time we cross with a computer nearby.