Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Final "The Cardinal Nothing" Poster

So this poster is the product of a 2-week exploration period. We were asked to choose our material for content. I chose the idea of Nothing as a valuable aspect of our life. The 4 responses take a different stance on the idea, ranging from George's Bataille call against strictly searching for satisfaction...and worrying about end results, Joan Didion's poignant closing lines of "Play it as it lays", and The National basically stating that regardless of what the "end result" is...just make it up as you go. The 4th response is the poster itself (Very Art School you guys).

The title of the poster is then placed next to Genesis 13:9 which basically states that "we are from dust, and we return to dust". Regardless of spiritual views people hold, I think this an important statement that supports the responses.

The title "The Cardinal Nothing" borrows from the language of the religious text (Cardinals are high ranking papal officials usually wearing red) and from language itself as the word means "of prime importance". I chose this title because regardless of what comes after everything...be it eternal life or simply nothing...you should live this life without expectation of something afterward. If this life on earth is simply "nothing", well I'm going to live it how I see fit regardless, burrowing moral values from across the board, and not committing to one man-made view of this massive universe. I'm not interested in"figuring it out" as much as I am the very human journey that we all go through.

This poster was for an "expressive" typographic assignment...which due to my personal aversion to understood "expressive typography" I really wanted to push my formal qualities to express the content as fully as possible apart from cheap typographic "illustration".

It is 18x24 on Acetate...once again emphasizing the idea of nothing.

Cool guys. thanks.

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