Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fantastic First runs?

Above is the first run at a character set for a critique on monday. There are a few characters that are embarrassingly unfinished, but there is still a lot of time, so no need to be a perfectionist just yet. The "r" to "s" relationship is quite sloppy at this point and the "e" is just eating up a lot of space. The "g" is a little wide and silly. The "t", looking at it now needs to be revisited yet again.

I am really loving how the "a" is moving along...and I think the "w" is nearly balanced which is sometimes a tough thing to work out. Overall there is a nice flow's just a matter of working out proportions and details which will obviously keep me busy for a while.

Nothing assuages the wounds of a rough week like fiddling with letterforms. Also, feel free to contribute ideas for it names, adjustments, things you would like to see, etc.



Some things: Godspeed You Black Emperor!, midlake, junior boys, Feist, The National, wine and cold hands.

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c.w. moss said...

it should be called coordial, as a combination of cordial(which it is) and cooley(the designer).