Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In honor of new directions...

This is simply a little image making to try see how my typeface works in a application. I originally started this whole project with the hope of designing something that could exist in a world akin to Wes Anderson's. As most people know the typeface he is quite fond of is I began looking at what I liked and didn't like about that venerable german font (Paul Renner 1927).

This then lead me forward through a mess of sketches and ganders at typefaces like akzidenz grotesk, helvetica, gill sans, akkurat and other san serifs. Below is a comparison of said faces to mine (at bottom; click to get a closer look):

Obviously there is some proportion issues and the "e" is still causing issues. Im liking the openess of the "c" probably worth expanding on that in oother characters. The "v,y,x,s" and various punctiuation are taking form so that will be up here soonish.

So this is where I am at now adding yet more color (now literally) to an increasingly exciting project.

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