Monday, January 12, 2009


No I did not take that picture....
but yes it is drilling a hole in space.

In other words...i can't sleep
and i have class in a few hours
....what is the deal man.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Green Reflection

This here is simply the completion,
kinda, of the below drawing.
Again, i can't stress enough that this
is not entirely original, especially the main
figure. It is mostly drawn freely from
some of Alfonse Mucha's works,
although the background character
uses his drawings simply as models
and she in no way resembles
anything of his.

I'll most likely go back and detail
the orange hair and add some crazy
background noise.

Lastly, i titled it after an Enslaved song
(which if you care is called "Green Reflection"
and is on the "ISA" record...which is awesome).

Well I think that's that, and ill be sure to
update this post as i tweak it...for those
that just CANNOT wait.

Peace to all and to all a decent night with
no late night bathroom know,
you really should not drink all of that White
Cran-Grapefruit juice before bed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Part II of the Below Post

I don't know what it is, but this evening
of the 7th/morning of the 8th has been a
pretty productive period. Again, this is mainly
a rip-off of Muncha, but this time i took far
more liberties as you may have assumed by the
witch-esque lady in the background. The original
"model" is a curly haired waif...but i just went
with this Good/Evil thing.

It is not complete, as the foreground is nearly
barren minus two very decently proportioned
breasts which kind of just happened that way.
I'll keep it tasteful don't worry.

That said, It has been kind of neat exploring this
whole thing, because i never saw myself as
even liking drawing, but every now and then
it can be nice.

Let me know what you think and have just
the best day ever.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Le Nouveau Hôtesse De l'air

So when i went to the Arclight theater
recently with my friend Michelle and saw
the ho-hum "Doubt" i checked out the
gift shop as i always do. When i did this,
I came across a rather bizarre book of
photos of Flight Attendants, exclusively.

First reaction: What the hell.
Second: What the hell...awesome.

I asked the clerk how much it was, and
it was an unaffordable 40 bucks, so i thought
that i would check out it's price on the old, which i still had a outstanding
gift cert. for 20 bucks after i purchased a gaggle
of stellar Swiss design books. It turned out
to be a more affordable 25 bucks so i dished
out the extra 5 (from where i wonder?)
and i recieved it promptly, in 3 days.

It is one of the silliest, and somehow most
compelling photo books i have ever seen.
It sparked a rekindled interest in art related
whatevers, after school dissected
all of it out of me at least temporarily.
I then began thinking of how retarded/awesome
it would be to take these stewardesses
and turn them into some kind of Art Nouveau
contraption a la Alfonse Mucha.

So this silly water color/graphite/shitty paper
composition is my first free hand attempt at mimicking
that style to evetually get to a point where i can
create my own style therein. The image above is
directly sketched, free hand, from Mucha's "Job"
from 1896.

Get it?