Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Le Nouveau Hôtesse De l'air

So when i went to the Arclight theater
recently with my friend Michelle and saw
the ho-hum "Doubt" i checked out the
gift shop as i always do. When i did this,
I came across a rather bizarre book of
photos of Flight Attendants, exclusively.

First reaction: What the hell.
Second: What the hell...awesome.

I asked the clerk how much it was, and
it was an unaffordable 40 bucks, so i thought
that i would check out it's price on the old, which i still had a outstanding
gift cert. for 20 bucks after i purchased a gaggle
of stellar Swiss design books. It turned out
to be a more affordable 25 bucks so i dished
out the extra 5 (from where i wonder?)
and i recieved it promptly, in 3 days.

It is one of the silliest, and somehow most
compelling photo books i have ever seen.
It sparked a rekindled interest in art related
whatevers, after school dissected
all of it out of me at least temporarily.
I then began thinking of how retarded/awesome
it would be to take these stewardesses
and turn them into some kind of Art Nouveau
contraption a la Alfonse Mucha.

So this silly water color/graphite/shitty paper
composition is my first free hand attempt at mimicking
that style to evetually get to a point where i can
create my own style therein. The image above is
directly sketched, free hand, from Mucha's "Job"
from 1896.

Get it?

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