Friday, January 9, 2009

Green Reflection

This here is simply the completion,
kinda, of the below drawing.
Again, i can't stress enough that this
is not entirely original, especially the main
figure. It is mostly drawn freely from
some of Alfonse Mucha's works,
although the background character
uses his drawings simply as models
and she in no way resembles
anything of his.

I'll most likely go back and detail
the orange hair and add some crazy
background noise.

Lastly, i titled it after an Enslaved song
(which if you care is called "Green Reflection"
and is on the "ISA" record...which is awesome).

Well I think that's that, and ill be sure to
update this post as i tweak it...for those
that just CANNOT wait.

Peace to all and to all a decent night with
no late night bathroom know,
you really should not drink all of that White
Cran-Grapefruit juice before bed.

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