Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Hoot; This is it.

So, Comm studio has come to a close and i remained in one piece. It took many an argument with Agnes, my wonderful instructor whom kept telling me to CROP CROP and CROP again. So after trying with all my might to make adorable little idiot owl circles with "Z's" over their head, I succumbed to Agnes' instructions and to be honest, i think it worked quite well. The poster you see above is basically a super crop of a early iteration involving a tiny owl on a snow laden branch. People seemed to have liked it in the class, and it was chosen as an example for successful use of scale, which was affirming.

This poster here was a result of struggling non-stop with trying to create an image related to the Griffith Observatory. I fooled around with emulating structural elements of the building itself, and sticking almost exclusively to the green and white pallet of the GO but all i seemed to come up with is the most boring shit ever. So fast forward to the weekend before, 3am, post thanksgiving...I was here at the OTIS labs trying to work it out and then out of no where i remember the album cover for The Academy is.. "Almost Here" album and thought that it would be a smooth move for this poster. I chose a color pallet related to a pretty evening and then we get this poster here. I personally prefer this one, although the painted stars are silly.

Well, that is that!

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