Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I do

The above fellow is my first attempt at creating a "Type Sample Poster", a poster whose main purpose is to showcase a typeface in an interesting way, hopefully successfully taking advantage of the typeface's strengths.

I really enjoyed this project, almost to the point of neglecting other assignments by revising this poster nearly 20 times. I put in at least 20 hours overall into getting this poster to where it's at, which saying out loud on the internet makes it seem all the more ridiculous, but oh well, I enjoy Type more than i ever would have dreamed and this is hopefully a fitting tribute to one the most widely used fonts in the world.

Oh and by the way, I truly do love helvetica....the choice in headline is simply to get you to hopefully take a closer peek.

This poster is dedicated to Deathspell Omega...whom i am currently listening to for the millionth time today.



Anonymous said...

my favorite poster . . i'm paul's number one fan!

Brenden said...