Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Virginia Woolf was totally a sans-serif type of woman...

This Virginia Woolf poster is getting intense as we
go along, I mean it has always been a psycho
project, but as we come to the final weeks refinement
is key. Above is the new/old direction I think will be
the final poster. The previous examples i posted
here have seemed to reach the point that they
will not work for this project in the fashion that
i want them i am revisiting one of the
original images I had...a xeroxed house.

Now, what you see here is just a rough attempt
I played with while waiting for my Advert. class
so it's just a sketch if you will. The same idea is present
from the candle posters, with the flowers blooming
from an extinguished entity, therefore symbolizing the
passage of time, and the lingering beauty and all that
Virginia Woolf stuff.

To be honest, I am more excited to work with this palette
of elements , as the modernist typography is more my forte
and the washed out image just looks awesome. In the coming
weeks I will refine this image until it looks as awesome
as the work of this place....well at least an attempt.

So in short, again...I am re-excited about this Poster and finally
getting to keep at my modernist typography abilities, because
I do love it so.



WITH A P! said...

I like this direction much better. It is just a better exploration formally. WORK IT!

Paul C. said...

Totally agree with that one...I just had a crush on Kolo Moser's shit...but this is more exciting in the long run.