Thursday, February 12, 2009

Don't be a letterhead.

In case you do not know, I was savagely awaiting the chance
this semester to work on my modernist typography
abilities. My dad's b-day card was my own exploration, but
this above is one of three letterheads we had to design ourselves,
by hand with no assistance from a computer.

We had to cut out type from a sheet and paste it into grids in order
to work it out.The goal was to create a letterhead fit for the subtle
complexities of Josef Muller-Brockmann,which aside from being a
typographic badass, is my favorite designer OUT THERE. Look at this
...see, the guy was a geometric master, perfectly fusing type and form,
aligning in ways only numbers could.

So the above is my attempt to capture his essence in a letterhead. It
took me 3 hours in the early morning, with the help of a few winter
ale's, and lots of close looking and detail hunting.

Deceptively complex indeed.


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