Monday, February 9, 2009

Three hour three piece puzzle.

So this, this here i spent nearly 3 hours on.
Yeah...what? It's for my theory in practice class;
we were told to make one item supporting a
Platonic world view and one promoting an
Aristotelian world view.

It is hard to tell but there was very careful
planning involved in making this poster/book cover.
The white space was very considered and in
proportion of one another inside the black bars
to the title and along the right wall with the base
being that upper bar.

It's mainly wankery with typography, but i am
convinced that I will be be a solid typographer
by years end, or i will be damned.

So in short, this is an exercise in objective use
of form and type represented by simply that
and geometry.

Oh and if anyone has read Plato's cave analogy
...this is designed around that concept....get it?

Just remember that the sky is blue.

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