Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Type Cast-Reader

This post is hopefully the first in a series of posts regarding
typefaces that I can't stop fawning over. The first entry is for

This typeface is from the Colophon type foundry, by Edd
Harrington and Anthony Sheret in the UK. It is referenced

from an unknown monospaced face found in
a RSPB letter,
which I believe to be a Birding society of sorts.
removed the mon
ospaced grid and redrew the typeface to
serve as a more diverse face.

I have come to judge type, at least initially, by the lowercase
"a". Reader's "a" is simply beautiful, borrowing the perfect
counter of Helvetica, and then mimicking the form in the tail,
creating a more organic and friendlier form. The slightly
emphasized chiseled indent in-between the "a" tail and bowl
is a really nice touch, that is attributed throughout, creating
a minor but tangible cohesion. The lowercase "h","m", "n",
and "u" are almost cheeky in their playful slant and roundness
of their bowls. Not to mention the very "nautical" looking lower-
case "s". Maybe it is just me, but the lower portion's thinner
shape gives me a sea-faring feel for reasons I can't explain.

Also, check out the specimen book as it is really quite a lovely
addition to the type family. All of this can be seen at Colophon's
website. Get over there and look at their lovely work.

Also, for those interested in more of the designers work, you can
find it through The Entente Cordiale.They are actually quite young
as well, so mark one for the young designers!

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