Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The "Blessed Curse" Project: Progess 1

Above is a spread from my typographic publication
for this semester. I posted some layout's for general info
earlier, and some of the "visual language" from that

Conceptually, this project deals with the necessary and
pervasive presence of evil in life as well as the duality
that is inherent with it's relationship to the "good". In
other words it's about good and evil, with a focus on evil.
The content is that of various scientific sources regarding
the phenomena of light and darkness, black metal lyrics,
articles/essays/ etc. on the sinister aspects human
experience, including murder, genocide, the occult, and
other aspects.

Formally, this book is a sort of combination of a strict
and gridded structure of modernism with the light and
traditional typesetting of classicism. The typefaces
are Didot and Helvetica.

See if you can spot the conventions of modernism and
classicism...and you might win some knowledge.

More to come soon.

Current vehicles: Deathspell Omega, Radiohead- "Kid A",
The Mighty Boosh, late nights, wine.


howardroark said...

well, i finally figured out how to follow you. it was pretty easy. damn.

Paul C. said...

haha..glad to hear it...I don't really follow people I just link them on my blog and when I check mine...Ill check theirs.