Monday, July 20, 2009

Internet, This is Antonio Carusone. He is awesome.

Obviously, this above image is the background for my new iMac,
that I am currently obsessed with, courtesy of AisleOne, a new
addition to my daily blog reading. He has a great variety
of his own stellar work, awesome posts sharing modernism
as it exists in today's world. He basically is cut from the same
cloth as me as far as interests go, so needless to say I will
be checking out his site constantly. Not to mention this
beautiful thing he made. I'm really eyeing that t-shirt, I might
just need it.

Automatic Joy: Junior Boys "Count Souvenirs", Virus-"As
Virulent as You", Brand New (Blog) new layout, My killer
computer, Wet Hot American Summer, and school starting
soon kind of.

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