Friday, July 24, 2009

Eagle Hat 2.0

After a summer of not doing to much design,
for lack of correct software, and just exhaustion
from work...which I will show later on, I finally
managed to sit down for a few hours and make
this little guy. He is a the official logo of my
somewhat "joke" greeting card series. I drew the
original with this kind of look in mind, a la
firefox and all that web 2.0 silliness. That being
said, I see an importance in trying to create things
with that feel as, although I may not "love" the
style...It might be to someone else's liking.

The whole vectoring and painting process took
like 3 hours, so it wasn't to intense. Some of
the light logic is off...but Ill fix it soon. I also
want to implement some type to finish of the
Eagle Hat trademark.

Overall, I give this whole "jolly rancher" web 2.0
look 5 years tops...then we will be way into a new
dimension with SPACE GRAPHIC DESIGN!!!

Musix: Alela Diane, Junior Boys, Katatonia, Bat for
Lashes, and Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

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