Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Help...I am in Love.

Quite simply one of the most beautiful packages I have seen all year. A wonderful, playful approach to the mundane world of remedies (Unless we are talking about the stellar swiss company Geigy). The use of color and negative space with embossed shapes is triple awesome. I feel like this perfectly embodies the austere correctness of modernism with just the right amount of playfulness to appeal to as wide an audience as possible.

I mean, does anyone just not like this? I defy you to hate this...you silly heartless chap.

The website is one of the more interesting places on the internet, and overall this is something that I just can't stop looking at. I ordered three of them, and am actually REALLY excited about holding these lovely things.

Joy Apparent: Alela Diane-"To Be Still", Metric, my ipod touch, moving, and tennis.

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