Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wowie Zowie

So as most of you OTISians have done already,
we were assigned to make a Typographic booklet
based on a mental/physical illness. I decided to
do claustrophobia. I am still in the midst of
completing mine, but above is an example Erin,
my teacher sent of a neat gatefold book on
the Balla-Dora Typographika blog. She sent
it because there is a theme of covering and folding
in my structure that I have been trying to resolve.
Needless to say the example is stellar, and inspiration
has found a home in my mind once again.

Excitment surrounds: Opeth/Enslaved show this weekend,
, Writing Music for real this time(1 song nearly done for
my black metal/shoegaze like project!)
Overall relief abounds.

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