Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pargas with a P; Poster with an Awesome

Above is one of the most killer things I have
seen as a product of an OTIS student. This type
design and poster was designed by Mike Pargas,
one of the most solid individuals I have met
during my time at OTIS.

There is a lot we could talk about here, tons of nuance
in this little display face. The curved top of the "C",
the entire letter "x", the tension of the "s", and the
slits in the "v" and "w" are all really unique ideas that
breath a refreshing life into the font.

This guy here has been a major inspiration as a designer
and a human being. Keep an eye on him and his work
as he is now a graduated OTIS alumni. Good luck to
you friend.

Cheers: St. Vincent "Actor", not getting beaten up in a fight
last night, Funeral Mist-"Marantha", ISIS-"Wavering Radient"
Summer, Getting it together and Fuji apple pear lifewater.

1 comment:

Brenden said...

Yeah, for sure Mike's shit is dope. Paul I appreciate you passion for the image. I remember driving with you and you pointing out how Chevron updated their logo. Nice, to know other people are paying attention to the details..