Sunday, May 31, 2009

Type Cast-Axel is a Rose

Erik Spiekermann is not one of my favorite designers.
His typefaces, although held in high regard remind
me far to much of the "personality" of the 90's, which
just makes me sad. That said though, I might be a fan
of this new one he created for the ever-exciting
world of excel sheets. It is called Axel. It was created
with regard to the condensed columns and boxes
of the excel program and quite honestly, it looks great
serving that rather mundane purpose. I'm quite
partial to the lowercase "l", the little lip of the "y"
and the slanted tops of the ascenders a la "interstate"
and other road sign typefaces. All in all,
Spiekermann's usually overtly quirky tendencies
work out here for me.

Mhmmmm: Grizzly Bear-"Veckatimest", Ameseours, Being Broke,
Going home for a spell and Kayo Dot on the 9th.

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