Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bonfires for Nobody-Moments Like These

Above is a cover idea presented for a friend's band called "Bonfires for Nobody". The music is of ambient and instrumental nature and is definitely the type that I enjoy personally. There are some inflections of complicated jazz scales and improvisations as well. When I approached this cover I was thinking a lot of the ECM covers of the 70's and beyond. Their use of brilliantly minimal typography has an almost mystic quality that I have always enjoyed and felt suited the style of music present in this album.

Although this project is currently on hiatus, this cover is the direction that will most likely be refined in the coming months.

Jukeboxing: Tamaryn-"The Waves", Blonde Redhead-"Penny Sparkle", David Bowie- "Station to Station", "Low" and "Young Americans", Scott Walker-"4", Cocteau Twins-"Blue Bell Knoll"

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