Friday, April 16, 2010


This documents images from the process of a project entitled "Hands Across the Void", basically it is an expanded music package experience, akin to box sets and limited edition packaging that exists in the market now. My project is made with the macro-intention of expanding the experience people have with music via packaging, art, and written content. I created music for the piece that combines the preciousness of shoegaze and the zealous intensity of black metal. The song itself is entitled "The Black Yoke" and it reflects the micros-intentions of this project, along with two sculptures and a publication that is in the process of being designed.

The concept of the music/packaging/sculpture is the idea of the possibilty of a dead end/void at the end of one's life. The idea that there might not be a god or afterlife at all, and it is simply a permenent end. period. That being said, my project deals specifically with living with and in defiance of the normal approach to nihilism/fatalism. Basically, that in the face of the void, we create. We might have created religions, gods, or spirituality to deal with this immense possibility. My interpretation of this void was to create two sculptures that work in tandem to express this idea.

The first is the void itself. A "black hole sun", the opposite of the ever-giving source of energy the sun is. A dead sun, with it's rays dropping and sagging, the core of which is a black reflective surface basically showing that their is nothing beyond the void itself.

During my research of other religions and world views it came to my attention that tree's are an extremely common and important symbol within different perspectives. I decided that because the viewpoint presented in this project is indeed a worldview, that I would create something to represent it, sculpturly. I constructed a tree combining actual branches and man-made MDF panels with a flourescent light in the center as my altar. Everything was laquered Black. The combination the man-made objects and the natural is again referencing the idea of creation and acceptance of the possible void after we no longer physicallly exist. The idea of creating something and living regardless of an afterlife is very interesting to me, one that still holds subtle value and hope, which I wanted to express by including the banal object of the flourescent light.

Stay tuned to see it's inclusion in the packaging for the music. Thanks.

Listening: The National-"Afraid of Everyone", Watain-"Reaping Death", Khoma-"The Last Storm", Crystal Castles-"Celestica Ep", Stars-"Fixed", Alcest and Les Discrets...

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