Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hands Across the Void-The Black Yoke (Music Packaging Project)

This here is a document of the process building up to my final junior project. It will involve, at least at this point, two simple yet sizable sculpture depicting "Void" and "The Tree of life". This among other images will be created to function as elements of a deluxe package for a band/project I created (for this project) called "Hands Across the Void". It will contain one long form song (10-20) minutes meant to express the inevitable "void" & bummer elements of life and then accepting & moving forward in the face of that.

For the time being, that song/album/recording is called "The Black Yoke"

cool thanks.

Things in my brain: The National, Alcest, Tiny Vipers, Cat Power, xerox machines, black epoxy resin, pending photo shoots.

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