Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Neue Lucifer, you guys.

Above is the first crack at a poster that is supposed to encompass our working methods and interests. As those of you that know me know, I am someone of acute visual preferences to a fault at times. I have decided that this semester is one of more experimentation and less overthinking. This poster is one of the first steps in that direction.

The visual interests I chose to synthesize were punk film (Harmony Korine, French New Wave etc), Black Metal, and Swiss Modernism. The type is obviously done with a modernist intent, and the image making is a combination of aspects of the other two. The goal of the poster and main theme of my "manifesto" is messing things up. Defiling, respectfully, the standards of purity and perfection. I chose this theme because for me, Swiss Modernism is the peak of graphic design...and for that matter communication. This poster attempts to dirty the conventions of that style up a bit. The lamb is used for it's symbolism of purity. The "X" and blood is my addition to this symbol and the modernist type to soil these icons of cleanliness and ideology. In other words...this is just me having a little fun with making fun of my own style and so forth.

Finally, The name "Neue Lucifer" is a nod to both the origins of modernism (germany) and the grand act Lucifer made when he turned away from Heaven. I am not interested in the character of Satan, but instead the concept of his character. Also, considering Black metal seems to have a love affair with character...well, that works right along with my visual interest.

The Typeface is Akzidenz Grotesk Bold.

More iterations to come!

Interests of the moment: Drastus, Blut Aus Nord, Beach House, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Working on my typeface "Kenose", enjoying the company of a lovely lady, coffee, and obviously waffles.

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