Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Captivating World of Katja Gretzinger

There is something entrancing about Katja Gretzinger's work that has been with me for a while now. I first saw the "FAZ Wissen und Bedenken" poster/publication on aisleone many months ago and have since found myself at her website studying what exactly it is that I am obsessed with. Her masterful use of typography is fresh and well informed. I find the rather colorful posters the three people are holding (I think that is her on the left) extremely interesting. They manage to combine a strict grid with playful elements that recall the ill-advised typographic (in my opinion) experimentation the 90's brought us...but here we have a very refined and mature approach to modular grid use and humanistic flourishes.

An utterly fascinating talent in the field. Keep an eye out for her.

Record spinning: Department of Eagles-"In Ear Park", Beach House-"Teen Dream", Blut Aus Nord-"Dialogue with the Stars", Funeral Mist-"Maranatha", and Lindstrom and Christobelle-"Real life is No Cool"

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