Thursday, April 21, 2011

For "The" to "A"

A Tentative Ontology: Abridged
B/W laser print with color-printed cover
5.3 x 8.5in
20 page (maybe?)
Edition of 50 (probably?)

The Image above is a sketch for the cover of a portion of my thesis project. The publication that this cover will adorn will house my only completely original contribution to my final publication, a 15+ page essay about Christianity and Graphic design and how both have figured into my life. The project as you may have noticed has changed its name from "The Tentative Ontology" to "A Tentative Ontology". I decided that this made far more sense considering this project has become considerably more about perspective on the material, as opposed the broad comparative literature project I thought I was going to embark on...thankfully.

Curiously enough, Karina, my long abandoned typeface seemed to be a perfect fit for this "abridged" edition, as it is itself, unfinished. Get it? Tentative Ontology?


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