Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'...To Our Despair' Installation Mock-Up

The above image contains two posters positioned in a public space with 3 pieces of paper. Both posters pull quotes from 2 opposing texts. The black poster is from Georges Bataille's written response to Sartre's critique of Bataille's writings on Religion
and the white is from C.S. Lewis' succinct treatise on the Christian faith, "Mere Christianity". Each poster's quote is an argument regarding each author's position on the idea of Religion/God, both of which end in the word "Despair".

The point of having the posters large and high on a wall with tiny text (The quote text is set at about 30pt.), is so that people literally have to find a way to get closer to the posters themselves, and even closer to grab one of the publications/documents. They have to use their surrounding to access the information...otherwise he/she is left simply with the ambiguous headline text. This is based on the concept of reversing the "Despair" inherent in any existential pursuit, and actively engaging in the on-going dialog within Religious/Philosophical theories.

The pamphlets/publications attached to the wall originally started as a reference to Martin Luther's nailing of the 95 thesis to the church wall, but was not really explored beyond that initial idea. In general, I see the attached papers as an even further explanation of the positions presented in the posters, once again requiring added effort to reach the depth of the content, literally and figuratively. I left the idea of the publication slightly open, as I see myself exploring this idea for next week's assignment.


I would see this piece as an idea that would be created in multiple locations, possibly with a variety of different posters, yet the same free publication, functioning in a similar way to the free newspapers that you find all over los angeles. Obviously areas of religious or intellectual interest would be the main spots that this would exist. Churches, Universities, Libraries, Graveyards, are among a few that come to mind first.

Musics: Agalloch, Deathspell Omega, Women, Al Green, Arcade Fire "Sprawl II" (and only that song), The National, Cat Power, maudlin of the Well, Underoath.

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