Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Song of the Week: Deathspell Omega-"Devouring Famine"

If all the contemporary metal bands disappeared off the face of the earth in a grim fog of death or whatever…Deathspell Omega would somehow manage to survive. This band has been incredible since the start, but it was really at the turning point that was "Si Monvmentvm…" that solidfied their place as masters of their Craft. Since that point in 2004 they have only grown more technical and utterly engrossing. Two years ago saw the release of the 20-minute epic "Chaining the Katechon", where much of the ambient interludes seemed to have been dissolved, leaving the buzzsaw guitars and breakneck rhythm and key changes to lead the assault. Music Hyperbole aside, "Devouring Famine" off of the new album "Paracletus" is an exciting taste of what we can expect from the proper album. For the terminally obsessed, Amazon has 30 second samples of the other tracks. Album of the year material indeed.

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