Friday, February 19, 2010

Neue Lucifer/Publication Sketches

Above is a collection of some spreads from my upcoming publication for my main studio class. The book is basically a collection of articles, interviews and essays on people who have rebelled against the conventions of their fields. Included in the book are written pieces on Harmony Korine, Jean-Luc Godard, Deathspell Omega, Joy Division, Karl Marx, Georges Bataille, Wolfgang Weingart, and Jan Tschichold. The title, "Neue Lucifer" was chosen based on the fact that all of these individuals rebelled against the structures of their structured disciplines in seemingly destructive and agressive ways. A notion that I see as linked to the characteristics of the character of Lucifer in the Bible, who removed himself for the perfection of God to pave his own way.

I can't stress enough, that this publication is in now way interested in satanism or the silly culture that is associated with it. I am more interested in using the metaphor of the character's actions.

The use of the circle, which at this point has taken an un-desired "friendly" vibe is to reference the idea of the "morning star" or venus (Lucifer in latin). I am in the process of refining all of these ideas and breaking down my own structure that I have created in these preliminary spreads.

Musack: Miserere Luminis-S/T, Thee Silver Mt. Zion-"Kollaps Tradixionales", Beach House-"Teen Dream", The National-"Boxer", Local Natives-"Early demos".

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