Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm a Poster, You're a Poster, Let's Poster Together

After all of that work, we posted our lovely posters
on the wall for a big show. There were some nifty
pieces on the wall, and the progress everyone has
made since last semester is apparent. I quite liked
a few of them. It's a good crew we got going in this
communication studio class, I'm proud to be a part
of it. My poster was chosen along with Cole's,
Robyn's, Stephanie F's, among others to be
shown in the little gallery, so I am super stoked to
have that happen! All in all I'm happy to have it be done,
and I eagerly await the next project...but for now
I await a smooth trip to the mountains with some of
the best dudes out there.

I'll post pics as they become available.

Totally Into: Let the Right One In (awesome vampire
flick), Bat for Lashes-"Glass", Mastodon, Beer, Mellowed
out weeks, and Trip to Lone Pine, Gospel-"The Moon is
a Dead World"

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